About Us

The idea behind WPScore is to create a platform where customers can score the themes they are using so other potential buyers can get a glimpse on which theme might suit them. Transparency and building a place where users can get information from actual people is from utmost importance when it comes to product feedback and recommendation. WPScore was built out of a need. Nowadays advertisement and promises can be misleading and it’s hard to find your way through the endless jungle of WordPress themes, to make it easy for you to get a quick glimpse on the key factors of a theme we’ve built this site.

We score all themes by the same criteria and in addition to our own scoring we are including the user score where each and every visitor can participate. We do not filter or delete reviews as we think that this could result into a non objective representation of the score result.

In order to maintain this project we add a referral url to each and every theme so if you decide to purchase the reviewed theme we will get a small commission from the theme author. This has no effect on our scoring as we earn commission on any theme and it’s solely used to pay for hosting, project development and manpower.

Thank you for using WPScore!